Kirby: King of Comics by Mark Evanier (2008)

Kirby King of Comics

What an amazing book this is!  Not onl does it follow the late, great Jack Kirby’s life and the early days of Marvel but it also gives you a TON of amazing pictures and older sketches from the master himself.  The book also calls into question exactly how much writing Stan Lee did – and how much the illustrators added to the stories.  It’s a very interesting read.

Hulk page of book

The saddest story of the book is this page where they re-count when Marvel commisioned Kirby to draw a bunch of posters for a series of superhero posters.  When they got the initial drawings they worried that maybe there were too many Kirby drawings and asked Herb Trimpe to take Kirby’s Hulk poster and re-do it.  Trimpe did as he was told and basically took Kirby’s drawing but changed the head to match with the style that Hulk had adpoted around that time.  That was the final nail in the Marvel coffin for Kirby.

hulk poster story

Actually, I do like the Trimpe drawing better – but it’s hard to after reading this…  Check out this book if you have the chance.  Pick it up and enjoy a mighty fine read.

2 responses to “Kirby: King of Comics by Mark Evanier (2008)

  1. AWESOME BOOK!!!!!! I look at this thing everyday!!!

  2. I keep picking it up and reading – I thought it would be cool just for the pictures – but no, this thing is awesome from start to finish…

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