Movie Abomination (2008)

movie abomn

I can’t really tell you that this is a must have.  The Abomination just looks SO different.  The figure does look like it would be a great Hulk foe!  If they didn’t call it the Abomination and called it something else that would’ve been better.  But to call THIS the Abomination is a little too much to swallow.  I know the Director said he had reasons for changing it – but I think his reasons were a bit of a cop-out.  If you want to change it – just say so – but don’t say the origin didn’t make sense to you – that it wasn’t realistic – because since when did getting exposed to radiation turn you into a huge, muscular, green man?

9 responses to “Movie Abomination (2008)

  1. Well what are the directors’ reasons for changing Abomination?

  2. He said that Emil was never subjected to reptile genes – therefore he could not wrap his head around why this guy would turn into a scaley, muscle bound reptile type thing with big ears. Just say he wanted to change – not to be more realistic…

  3. Here’s a cool vid that includes Spider-Man, Iron Man and Hulk. I’m not sure whether you have seen this already before but just check it out!

  4. The abomination is great but he dont looks like the picture on the back,thats the real colour.

  5. Well whats the probem with those people? Right?
    I think the abomination is just great!

  6. this abomination is wery great man

  7. the abominattion is not a man,but blonsky is.and they r great.But the spines should be sharper.

  8. There’s another Abomination figure with sharper spines – it’s funny you mentioned that – I have not located it yet – but I will.

  9. nice abomination man

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