Incredible Hulk Mega-Clap Hulk (2008)


The Hulk figures aren’t so bad – actually the scuplt is pretty good – with lots of articulation!  Big plus for people who open them out of there packages!  Besides, these packages aren’t that well thought out.  Very clumsy and easy to rip open.  Have to be extra careful for those of you like me who keep some of them in the package!  I have this little guy out of the package as well – but the thing is – his arms don’t go down!  They stay flailing out to the sides unless you puch the button on his back.  What’s up with that? 

7 responses to “Incredible Hulk Mega-Clap Hulk (2008)

  1. I just got back from seeing Iron Man again. It was even better the second time!!! I had to sit through the Hulk trailer again as well. It did nothing for me. Ryan, I really dont think that I am going to see it. I almost walked out on the first one and I cant see trying to sit through another one. please forgive me old friend………..

  2. Corry! You have to see it! At least to argue with me about it!

    Come here to watch it! I will pay for your ticket!

    How can you reject a free movie!

  3. It’s not the money for the ticket, It’s the Time that will be wasted. I would never be able to get those LONG 2 hours of my life back. Believe me, I keep thinking about the time that I lost because of Bana and Lee………..

  4. wow you’re quite a fan! i live in hamilton, on. they actually filmed alot of Hulk V.20 around my town. part of it was filmed a block over from my apartment. they built a burned out city block on an already well… burned out city block! guess it wasn’t “movie burned out” enough! lol

    anyways. i was googling hulk figures and saw your page. i wanted to ask someone about the new figures. i saw abomination figures on hulk cards today at a wal-mart. they had a big hulk movie display aisle and all the figures were labelled hulk and were various hulks. but (2) were clearly abomination figures. kind of a stupid mistake at the factory. they were perfectly mint just in the wrong box i guess. anyways, i wondered if i should buy them right away (they’re 19.97 here!) because they’ll be valuable someday? i’ve seen where mistakes on collectibles make them MORE collectible. curious if this is one of those situations.

    thanks, and nice page layout.

  5. This question has come up before – and I will tell you – not to my knowledge does it make it more desirable. Most people want their figures mint in the right package – so, my opinion is to save your money…

  6. Wow this figure is great but i dont like wy the pants have other colours.

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