Superhero Squad – Abomination vs. Hulk (2008)


They used two movie characters in the superhero squad releases.  This is one.  The best, that I will post later, has the Silver Surfer from Planet Hulk in it.  Instead I chose to show you a ridiculously happy Abomination and Hulk that are supposed to fight each other.  Can you really fight someone when you’re this happy?  I don’t even think it’s possible!  The Abomination is an abomination – but that’s pretty normal now…

4 responses to “Superhero Squad – Abomination vs. Hulk (2008)

  1. Excuse me, I’ve been wanting to know what’s so special about the Superhero Squad line? Pardon me but I think those figures from that toy line are so boring and kinda stupid…(only my shallow viewpoint)

  2. I know some people who don’t like them as well…

    I do like them – and they are going to be doing an animated cartoon of them – but everyone has their tastes and are entitled to them.

    You may not like these, but there are plenty of awesome Hulk items out now to choose from!

  3. Nice Hulk Squid.
    Rachet i have question how do you get that picture every time ?

  4. the shs is not boring! i think is cool to collect it.right now im collecting hulk,spiderman,ironman,and starwars shs.

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