Weather Blitz Nerf Football (2008)


My friend Corry was supposed to come down and we were supposed to break this out and play catch or something.  Whatever you call it when you throw a football around.  I told him that I throw like a girl – but that wasn’t the complete truth.  I actually throw like a paraplegic girl.  A blind one.  This is why I never made it into the NFL.  Or was never asked to play in the neighborhood games – that were played in front of my house.  That my Father refereed. 

Man, he was a jerk.

3 responses to “Weather Blitz Nerf Football (2008)

  1. Ha! I remember playing football with everyone in your neighborhood! Jim Rad, Todd, Dale, even your brother Rob! We always meant to invite you to join in, but we didn’t have the time to wait as you took the long trip from your house (which was one whole block over). Actually now that I think about it I had to travel all the way across town to play in those games. Sorry Ry, we could’ve waited for you, but you just totally suck at all things involving coordination.

  2. Thanks Bill!

    I have to go into the bathroom now and cut myself to try to dull the pain!

  3. I’m interested in purchasing a Nerf Hulk football . You have yours for sale ?

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