Hulk Movie Action Figure (2008)

Hulk Movie Figure 1

This is the Hulk figure out for the movie that doesn’t have a “special” move.  While the articulation is really great and the sculpt is pretty darn impressive the scale of these figures are a little bit of a let down.  They should be HUGE!  The paint is also pretty flat and no shading makes it pretty standard.  But I do genuinely recommend that everyone picks these figures up because they are so much better than the 2003 Hulk movie figures.

4 responses to “Hulk Movie Action Figure (2008)

  1. Hey,Rachet! Can let me see from the inside from:”ToyFare #131 is Hulk-tastic!” the incredible hulk movie action figures.Take some pictures and bring it to your site. And by the way the “Hulk Movie Action Figure (2008)” is great. Thanks if you do that for me.

  2. I will get right on that~!

  3. This figure i really want.Its like the main hulk figure of the collection of figrues.

  4. i have this figure now.i only have two hulk figrues from the movie and this is relly good!

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