Giant Size Incredible Hulk #1 (2008)

giantsize hulk 1

This comic isn’t terrible.  Actually, it’s quite enjoyable.  Not the usual Hulk read.  It covers the stroy of Fred Sloan trying to write a story about the Hulk that willmake people understand him better.  Pretty fun read that covers a lot of the early Hulk stories.  An old guard that Rick Jones snuck past tells his side of what happened.  A little girl that was saved by the Hulk while on a bus that stalled on train tracks tells her story.  And even an old man whose life was ruined the day he ran into a car becasue he saw the Hulk and no one believed him.

They also reprint the Hulk Annual #7 (which is great because it is one that I am still missing!) With John Byrne’s art.  A welcomed flashback with a great story. B+

Published by ratchet

I am a man. I like the world I live in. I would like it better if pumpkins were available year-round though...

2 thoughts on “Giant Size Incredible Hulk #1 (2008)

  1. Who did the art on this cover? I like the idea of an action shot that doesn’t have him punching something, the leaping from rock to rock is a good idea. It’s definitely a different take on the standard “pin up” cover.

  2. Yeah – it’s a good cover. The art is by Zach Howard and Cory Hamscher. Not sure if they did the cover though… it doesn’t say.

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