The Brainwashing Continues!!!!

nicholas in Hulk

I have one of these shirts for my nephew – and then I bought another for when I have a little one I will deck out in Hulk!  I love the classic image and the vintage feel of the shirt.  I was happy to see they were releasing more than just the movie images of the Hulk.

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I am a man. I like the world I live in. I would like it better if pumpkins were available year-round though...

8 thoughts on “The Brainwashing Continues!!!!

  1. Poor kid…..he has no idea about what is really out there. I’ll have to get him an Iron Man or a surfer shirt before it’s any worse.

  2. So I can’t spell, sue me. I graduated from Plymouth North after all. There is actually a 2 year warranty on my diploma!! It has, of course, long since expired.

  3. I found the same shirt last week at Target! It won’t fit any of my kids so I’ll guess I’ll just have to have another child……..or I could just hang it in my comic room. That sounds better. I also found some new Hulk merchandise in the “dollar section” at Target as well. A tin pencil holder and some pencils and a couple of other things. I was really bothered however,at the DVD section they had Hulk season 2 and I noticed the tag said Uncredible Hulk season 2! Not Cool!!!

  4. What!!?? Really? Uncredible? What does that even mean? Hulk’s not credible? not to be trusted? Or just the 2nd season of the Hulk can’t be trusted?

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