Lee’s Toy Review #137

lees toy review

Lots of sneak peeks at the upcoming greatness coming out.  The Wal*Mart and Target exclusives – but the Red Hulk on the cover is part of the Marvel Legends wave that comes out in September.  It’s the build-a-figure in the mix of these heroes.

  • Adam Warlock
  • Silver Savage
  • Wolverine
  • Spiderman (Black Costume)
  • Spiral – (Wait, who?)
  • Union Jack – ugh.

While I have no interest in the last 2 the BAF Red Hulk will be pretty great, even if it’s a bit out of scale with the Green Hulks produced by this line.

marvel legends line sept 08


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7 thoughts on “Lee’s Toy Review #137

  1. Those are Hulk villians? Where does Union Jack ever appear in the Hulk comic? And what about Speedfreak? or Aquon? Or Harpy? Or haow about any of the U-Foes?

    But I guess that would be wasting plastic… 😦

  2. Actually it would be. Speedfreak was kinda cool in the 2 comics he appeared in against the Hulk, and he was one of the villains that the New Warriors attacked kicking off the Civil War (he gets laid out by Speedball). Spiral is a bigger part of X-Men history than all the d-list villains you listed here.

    She does suck though. I can’t even play devil’s advocate and say anything about Union Jack. I think he’s who you call when Captain Britain is unavailable. Like maybe he had a Mall opening or a car show to go to, so you call Union Jack so he can come and get his ass kicked.

  3. I think that you misread my post Ryan. Because there are NO worthy Hulk villians to make. They just picked random nobody’s…….

  4. I would actually love to see a great Speedfreak or Harpy. Or Aquon! Man, I know Aquon only appeared in 1 comic – but that would be so great!

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