Hulk Smash! Game (2008)


I can’t wait to play this game with my nieces!  You basically play by making cars out of play-doh, then you move around the board and try to get out of the city before another opponent takes that big Hulk fist and smashes the play-doh car to a greasy smudge on the play board!  Man, that’s awesome!  Who ever came up with this game deserves a medal.  Or the Pulitzer.  Or an Oscar.  Whatever prize they want – they should get!  They are geniuses!  I bet they could cure Cancer – if they weren’t so busy creating the best game EVER!

One response to “Hulk Smash! Game (2008)

  1. Aw lol when i saw the title i thought you meant the new incredible hulk video game….but yeh this looks fun to

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