Hulk Smash Hands (2008)


The new Hulk Smash Hands may look more detailed and look like an improvement over  the 2003 model – but I hate to say it… I feel they are a bit of a let down.  I’m not sure if any of you have seen these in the stores yet or not – but they are not made of the soft foam like the other ones were – these are made of cloth.  And it’s also a bit of a tight fit to get your hands inside – if you have huge sausage fingers like I do it’s near impossible!  I like that they brought this idea back because the Hulk hands were all the rave the last time the Hulk brought out a movie, but this year it is lacking in coolness.  I can’t say I recommend buying these – but if you missed out on them in 2003 and you’re too lazy to buy a pair off ebay – then go ahead and purchase them.  They still growl and scream and say “Hulk” when you hit something – or someone – but they lost a little something in the new design.  Long Live the 2003 Hulk Hands!


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7 thoughts on “Hulk Smash Hands (2008)

  1. They were both made for children – but the old ones fit adults which is why they sold so well – so why break something that worked so well?

  2. Yeah, the originals were outstanding. They even attempted to cash in on Thing hands when the 1st FF movie came out. Can’t blame them for trying to cash in one more time. Also, what would be worse, the change in design or a repackage of the original toys? If they just repacked the old ones with the new Hulk movie logos all over them I’m sure everyone would cry foul about them trying to force us to buy something we already had. It’s lose-lose.

  3. Even if they were made of the same material – but had more detail – I don’t think anyone would complain.

    But, by the way, they also made Thing’s feet! That was disasterous! I think they’re still sitting on the clearance racks!

  4. I used to take my Hulk Hands out to gigs and people would ask me to punch them in the head (it was a punk crowd.) The new ones don’t look to be as durable so that is a no go.

  5. One other difference between the 2003 and 2008 hands is that in 2003 BOTH hands made sound. In the 2008 model only the RIGHT hand makes sound. When I played with my grandson with the 2003 model it was fun that we BOTH could make sounds when we each only had one hand. I too am disappointed with the 2008 model. Smaller and one-handed sound. The cloth is ok because the foam had a tendency to break off.

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