Daily Archives: May 21, 2008

Ummm… Part 15

Listen, any parent that would make an Incredible Hulk cake for their child is the tops in my book – but –  Is this a cake?  It looks like an accident!  I hope “Matthew” had a good birthday even after this disaster was presented to him.  This is on a site called Cakes by Eva – and most of the cakes are just plain amazing – but this was a rare mis-step I think in her cake making history…

Hulk Hummer Action Vehicle (2008)


It’s funny – I have a few Hulk Hummers now (wow that sounds weird) and this one is absolutely the best!  Look at the great Hulk figure that comes with it!  It looks as though the Hummer has just hit him and he’s flying through the air.  Everyone knows thats a falicy though – hitting the Hulk with a car is like hitting a moose – the car would be totalled – even a Hummer.  NO MATCH FOR THE HULK!


By the way, Hulk Smash Hood is the greatest line ever!  I like to think it means Hulk smashes the Ghetto – not the car hood 🙂

hulksmashesthe hood