June 9th American Gladiators will be Hulked Out!

The June 9th episode of American Gladiators will not only have Lou Ferigno as a guest host with Hulk Hogan – but also the arena will be Hulked out – and every member of the audience as well as the Gladiators will have Hulk Hands – and some will even be wearing Hulk Masks!  Wow. Continue reading “June 9th American Gladiators will be Hulked Out!”

Marvel Spotlight – The Hulk Movie

This eye opening little comic had a few enlightening interviews.  Like the Director saying his 2 major influences for the movie were Hulk: Gray and Bruce Jones run.  Wait, can that be right?  Bruce Jones?  The undisputed WORST writer of the Hulk ever?  WOW.  Was that ever the wrong thing to say.  Bruce Jones alsoContinue reading “Marvel Spotlight – The Hulk Movie”