Daily Archives: May 24, 2008

Super Hero Squad Iron Man vs King Hulk (2008)


This is a close second to the best SHS that they brought out, the first place prize going to The Silver Savage/Planet Hulk 2 pack.  Iron Man was wrong in what he did to the Hulk – but he, and the other heroes that sent him into space, truly believed in what they were doing was the right thing.  So the second issue of Planet Hulk had the Hulk teaching Iron Man just how badly that desicion pissed him off.  This little 2 pack is great – but what I would love to see is a Marvel Legends 2-pack.  They already made the Hulkbuster Iron Man – and the Planet Hulk will be out soon – so what’s stopping them?  Get right on that Marvel!

Here’s a little peek at the 4 SHS displayed… More to come in June!