Daily Archives: May 28, 2008

Empire Magazine (2008)


So, this magazine finally jumped the puddle and made it’s way to the States.  I reported about this mag a few months ago – but now it’s here!  The cover is pretty sweet – really does capture the Deodato image amazingly well.  I found this mag at Borders, actually, I kept going back looking for it.  One of the people there noticed and told me to just leave what I was looking for and they would call me when it came in.  And would you believe it?  A few weeks later – they called!  It’s nice to have a company that still gives you that kind of service.

Ummm… Part 16

That is the worst looking Blow Up Hulk ever!  Why is he so skinny?  Goodness!  And you have to enter between his legs?  That wasn’t great planning.  Chalk this up to creepy toy designers. 

Creepy, creepy toy designers!

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!!!

So, this is not my cake, nor is that my real name. Is that even a name?  Dileeqa?  Or is that Dileega?  How do you even say that?  DIL-EEK-WA?  Can that be right?

Oh well, Happy Birthday to me.

Incredible Hulk Omnibus (2008)


So, I got home and found this package from my friend containing THIS!  Thank you, Corry, for sending me this batch of Hulk goodness!  The Omnibus has collected the first 6 issues, every TTA and Incredible Hulk #102!  In full color!  With letters pages!  10+ to Marvel for putting together such a great collection and even more props to Corry for sending me this ultimate Hulk package!  Thanks!  Happy Birthday to me!


The back cover that displays EVERY cover contained in this massive book!  Included are the origins of the Leader and the Abomination!  and of course the Hulk 🙂