Incredible Hulk Omnibus (2008)


So, I got home and found this package from my friend containing THIS!  Thank you, Corry, for sending me this batch of Hulk goodness!  The Omnibus has collected the first 6 issues, every TTA and Incredible Hulk #102!  In full color!  With letters pages!  10+ to Marvel for putting together such a great collection and even more props to Corry for sending me this ultimate Hulk package!  Thanks!  Happy Birthday to me!


The back cover that displays EVERY cover contained in this massive book!  Included are the origins of the Leader and the Abomination!  and of course the Hulk 🙂


6 responses to “Incredible Hulk Omnibus (2008)

  1. Happy Birthday Ryan. Hopefully you won’t lose anymore hair this year. Oh wait….you already lost all of your hair. My bad. 🙂

  2. Pretty much… 😦

    Well, all the hair on my head, anyways!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    My wife will have her 34th birthday tomorrow and I had my 33rd last week! But because of Memorial Day shipping delays I have to wait until Monday before I get my Hulk Omnibus! Aarrrgghh!!!
    I’m getting angry! It is mighty nice to get new books on Friday and have the entire weekend to enjoy them. But I’ll have to wait ..for the best book in the history of books! At least that will allow me to finish off the Iron Man Omnibus first, otherwise shell-head would have been tossed aside!

  4. Yeah – really, best book ever!

    Happy Birthday to you and your wife! And thanks for the well wishes!

    It may take me a week to get through this…

  5. Omg. I am so freaking jealous like wouldnt believe. Dang, it even has Abomination’s first apperance. Where do your friend get it from?

  6. Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

    Happy Birthday to you!…. 2 years late.

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