Hulk vs. Spiderman Diorama (2006 )



This is one the best looking Hulk statues  – besides Bowen (I’m a loyal kind of guy) – besides Hulk looking so massive compared to Spiderman but the look on Hulk’s face is so full of anger and rage – no other company has been so sucessful in capturing such raw emotion. 




The base is rubble and I actually compare this base to the Marvel Milestones statue – and prefer the MM to this.  There are really great parts – but there are pieces that look too plastic.


Also, for the massive size it is quite light which leads me to believe it’s completely hollow.  But you can’t argue with the results.  It’s still an amazing statue.  The Spiderman looks agile and his quick fluid motions are displayed well here – too bad the statue itself isn’t as easy to display with both parts together.  I have taken the Spiderman off and displayed Hulk alone because either Spidey blocks Hulk’s face – or you turn the statue completely around and having Hulk’s back to you. 



8 responses to “Hulk vs. Spiderman Diorama (2006 )

  1. man i love that statue too. i found that if you carefully metal pole spidey is on you can succesfully display it woth both attached. if you look at the pic on the box you will notice spidey is sitting differently from the actual statue, but you can get it to sit that was, juse BE CAREFULL 🙂

    man i love you site!! i too am a huge hulk fan, even have a hulk tattoo. my collection is piss weak compared to yours but feel free to check it out!

  2. Thanks for sharing! That’s pretty great stuff! I will try that with the Spiderman – because I would like to display it all together – the way it’s supposed to!

  3. hey no prob! i just picked up sideshows legendary scale hulk bust. the teeth are kinda dickie, but he still looks awesome! and hey, its the hulk, its all that counts!

  4. I’ve seen that – the jury’s still out on if I’m going to pick that up. I might if I can find a great deal on it. We’ll see…

    Glad to hear that your Hulk collection keeps on growing!

  5. hey man Im also a hulk fan!!

  6. Hey man. Awesome collection. I have a little one going. About 40-50 pieces not including comics. I rate hulk figures/statues based on the face and I agree that the face on this one is top notch. I’d give it a 9.8/10.

    Man, how can you afford all those busts though. My wife would kill me if I wanted to spend a bunch of cash on those big boys. They are awesome though!

  7. I have a very supportive wife – she knew when she married me that she also married the Hulk 🙂

  8. anyone know where I can purchase this diorama? I’m desperate for one! thanks

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