Hulk Towel (2008)

hulk towel

This is the new Hulk towel out – and it’s almost big enough for me to use!  Actually it’s a bit thin.  I like my towels thick and warm and fuzzy.  Like my women.  Wait, that might have come out wrong… let me go back and read it. 

Nope, that sounds about right.

But this towel does have the Hulk on it – so it has that going for it!  I do have the opportunity to use this towel at the beach seeing as I live on a coast and the beach is literally a 10 minute drive away.  If you see a really buff guy at the beach with a hulk towel – then he stole it from me.  😦

One response to “Hulk Towel (2008)

  1. you know what really sucks?? here in australia we have very little hulk stuff coming through. i have all the hasbro figures, the hulky pokey hulk (my 16 month loves him) the hands, mask but thats about all thats come through. no target exclusive, no colouring books, no birthday cards and no hulk towel or dooner cover!! argh! that towel looks awesome though.

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