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Abomination Sneak Peek!

Randy Bowen is releasing an Abomination Full-Sized Statue.  He’s released a sneak peek and I thought I’d show it here to get people all excited about it!  The story on the different sizes of the ears is that Randy is putting some final touches on this statue and hasn’t decided just how long the ears should be yet.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think.  I like the longer ears better.  Either way though, I’m sold already!  It will be in scale with the Green Hulk just released.  If you need to find out more about Bowen go to his website here

Hulk Play-Doh Mold (2005)


I have this little mold and thought I would share what it looks like when you press it. Crazy, huh? It’s hard to pull the Play-Doh out with out squishing the little Hulk guy – and he’s pretty detailed! Little holes in the pants at the knees and everything!  It came with a Spider-Man mold, but you don’t come to this site to hear about him.


Here’s a shot of the Hulk pressed with the green Play-Doh.  If you can’t see the detail – take my word for it – it’s there and it’s pretty cool to see.


Hulk Zoom N’ Go Chopper Trike (2008)


I still don’t think Hulk looks right on a vehicle.  Especially when he can jump great distances.  Why bother with a Hulk Chopper Trike?  And is it even a cool thinkg to call what you’re riding a trike?  If you’re over 5 and still riding a trike – you’ve got other issues to deal with.  I think I’m almost through showing you everything from the first Movie Hulk haul – just in time for the second wave of Hulk goodies that are due in the stores on June 1st!  But don’t worry – I still have PLENTY of things to show you…

Hulk Wind-Up Toy (1978)

Hulk Winders

I love wind-up toys.  Infact, I had a huge collection of them – I just loved toys that could walk on their own – but I sold off most of the ones I had.  Now all I have is this guy here, a Gizmo (from Gremilins) and a Terminator that I bought while visiting Paris.  I’m glad I got rid of those wind-up toys.  They just took up so much space!  Valuable space that the Hulk toys could’ve been taking up!  Now you see why they had to go!

Super Hero Squad Iron Man vs King Hulk (2008)


This is a close second to the best SHS that they brought out, the first place prize going to The Silver Savage/Planet Hulk 2 pack.  Iron Man was wrong in what he did to the Hulk – but he, and the other heroes that sent him into space, truly believed in what they were doing was the right thing.  So the second issue of Planet Hulk had the Hulk teaching Iron Man just how badly that desicion pissed him off.  This little 2 pack is great – but what I would love to see is a Marvel Legends 2-pack.  They already made the Hulkbuster Iron Man – and the Planet Hulk will be out soon – so what’s stopping them?  Get right on that Marvel!

Here’s a little peek at the 4 SHS displayed… More to come in June!


June 9th American Gladiators will be Hulked Out!

The June 9th episode of American Gladiators will not only have Lou Ferigno as a guest host with Hulk Hogan – but also the arena will be Hulked out – and every member of the audience as well as the Gladiators will have Hulk Hands – and some will even be wearing Hulk Masks!  Wow.  I may actually tune in for this…

Marvel Spotlight – The Hulk Movie


This eye opening little comic had a few enlightening interviews.  Like the Director saying his 2 major influences for the movie were Hulk: Gray and Bruce Jones run.  Wait, can that be right?  Bruce Jones?  The undisputed WORST writer of the Hulk ever?  WOW.  Was that ever the wrong thing to say.  Bruce Jones also gives an interview where he sayd that Marvel basically was ecstatic that he had no idea about the Hulk continuity – at first – and also that he was so uncomfortable writing the Hulk that he didn’t even bother writing him intot he first few issues. 

The writer of the Hulk ADMITTED that he couldn’t write the Hulk – so he just left him out of the book.  The main charcter of a book – the guy the book is named after!  Nice job Joey Q.  Once again.