Unlockable Characters from the New Video Game!

The new Hulk video game will allow you to unlock certain characters to play with.  Bi-Beast was shown before but now Marvelousnews.com is showing the other charcters like Planet Hulk (above) and click on him to see the Savage Hulk, Abomination, and the Bi-Beast.  Other characters are Maestro, Fixit, Grey Hulk, Ironclad, Hulkbuster Iron Man andContinue reading “Unlockable Characters from the New Video Game!”

King Size Annual #5 (1976)

New England Comics in Brockton called me with news that they had received this comic in.  I had never seen the cover and was looking to buy it – but when I actually saw the cover – I loved it right away!  Look at the villians he fights!  Blip!  Groot!  Goom!  Titan!  Taboo!  And BlipContinue reading “King Size Annual #5 (1976)”