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Unlockable Characters from the New Video Game!

planet Hulk video

The new Hulk video game will allow you to unlock certain characters to play with.  Bi-Beast was shown before but now Marvelousnews.com is showing the other charcters like Planet Hulk (above) and click on him to see the Savage Hulk, Abomination, and the Bi-Beast.  Other characters are Maestro, Fixit, Grey Hulk, Ironclad, Hulkbuster Iron Man and Smart Hulk. 

Ratchet Photo #1


Hulk Movie Poster (2008)


Again, on the same day as I purchased the Annual #5 I was also given this poster, which hangs right behind my desk until June 13th!  Man, I cannot wait!  The poster is very reminisent of the old T.V. Show (by the way the 3rd and 4th seasons are out today!)  But it’s so much better than the 2003 film poster.  I want one movie poster that actually shows the Hulk in plain view though!  Still, I can’t wait to see Mr. Orange take on the Hulk!

King Size Annual #5 (1976)


New England Comics in Brockton called me with news that they had received this comic in.  I had never seen the cover and was looking to buy it – but when I actually saw the cover – I loved it right away!  Look at the villians he fights!  Blip!  Groot!  Goom!  Titan!  Taboo!  And Blip looks a lot like ZZAXX.  Man, this is possibly one of the greatest covers of all Hulk history!  Titan looks like a second-rate Wendigo.  Just plain awesome!