Hulk Movie Poster (2008)


Again, on the same day as I purchased the Annual #5 I was also given this poster, which hangs right behind my desk until June 13th!  Man, I cannot wait!  The poster is very reminisent of the old T.V. Show (by the way the 3rd and 4th seasons are out today!)  But it’s so much better than the 2003 film poster.  I want one movie poster that actually shows the Hulk in plain view though!  Still, I can’t wait to see Mr. Orange take on the Hulk!

10 responses to “Hulk Movie Poster (2008)

  1. I have a movie poster that I think you don’t have because you haven’t posted it And I gave TIH an A+

  2. Really? I still have quite a few things I haven’t posted – but I don’t think I have another movie poster…

    What does yours look like?

  3. Hulk_Smashing!(aka Hulk-man)

    well it has the Promotional art of the hulk walking down an alley or something but they took away the alley and so it’s the hulk and his arms out a little, His Serious face, and it has like some kind of scientific calculations next to his head.Also it has some green seam around his legs and LL’s remake of the Classic Brick letters where he made it solid concrete and on the side it’s regular grey concrete, and on the top it’s green concrete.

  4. Hulk_Smashing!(aka Hulk-man)

    I meant “Also it has some green steam around his legs”

  5. it looks like your stop&shop display with green steam and LL re-make of the classic brick letters

  6. I’m much happier with the movie Hulk images this time around. They look a lot better.

  7. you mean in the movies? or like the posters? or like something else?

  8. The images on the posters and merchandise

  9. oh.. I like in the movies posters and merchandise

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