King Size Hulk #1 (2008)

A few quick stories in this King Size – each written by Loeb.  Not a bad collection really… we start with: Where Monsters Dwell: A tale where the Red Hulk meets Wendigo.  The art by Arthur Adams is okay – but he makes the Wendigo look pretty lanky and terrible.  The Red Hulk fights withContinue reading “King Size Hulk #1 (2008)”

Target Exclusive Gamma Glow Hulk (2008)

This latest figure is also only found at Target.  It has glowing veins and a seriously strange constipated look on his face.  Exclusives are fine – but why do they have to look like this?  This Hulk either smells something funny or is semi-retarded.  Either way – why would a sculptor capture that look forContinue reading “Target Exclusive Gamma Glow Hulk (2008)”