Marvel Comics Presents: Hulk vs. the Entire Universe (2008)


Within these pages contains four stories.  The first story that features the Hulk is the second story that has Machine Man being beaten by the Hulk who is looking for a woman.  The Hulk thinks that Machine Man knows where she is.  He doesn’t.  But Hulk doesn’t take no for an answer.  The ending is surley one of those that feels like a classic Hulk story.  Hulk, as angry as he gets starts smashing things about everywhere.  A woman gets caught in all the demolition and the Hulk saves her – only to have her call him a monster.  Then, in a twist of fate, Machine Man is also called a monster by the same woman he was trying to reassure.

Ed McGuinness illustrates the third story that shows an entire planet torn apart by Gamma Radiation.  A figure that looks like the Maestro defies an order by a person that looks like the Leader who demands surrender.  Faced with a mighty army of Gamma Irradiated People the Maestro turns his army into Hulks as well and the two armies fight.  The Maestro’s army wins and to save everyone on the planet he sends the army of Hulks into space to be destroyed.  Pretty sad but good story.

If you enjoy the Hulk this is a good comic to pick up – it also features stories with Vangaurd and Weapon Omega.  B-   

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