Daily Archives: June 6, 2008

Meet Pablo Viggiano

This talented artist has released some of my favorite Hulk sculptures.  Including the 40th anniversary bust.  He also has a never released Hulk vs. Wolverine sculture that defines gore.  It is so detailed and bloody with the fury captured like no ones business!  Click on the image above to be directed to his site.  His site is also one of the most impressive sites I have ever seen. 

The Essential Rampaging Hulk Volume 1


The Rampaging Hulk magazine – that was changed to just The Hulk after issue 11 – was a great suplement to the actual comics and now they’ve collected the stories inside to make this Trade Paper Back.  The Essential series are fine – but they are in Black and White and it looses something without the dynamic color.  Still, worth the pick-up if you enjoy reading great Hulk stories (which I do) and like great Hulk art (me again!)  cost effective at only $16.99 – but I bet you can find it for even cheaper online.

Incredible Hulk Seasons 3 & 4 – The Review.

season 3

I have to tell you – first off – I am so glad they released the full seasons on DVD.  Season 4 is chock full of great episodes like Prometheus parts 1 & 2 and The First parts 1 & 2 and a personal favorite “King of the Beach” where Lou Ferigno actually appears as a character (a body building waiter) with out make-up!  Another great episode in this collection is “Patterns” which is the last episode in the season where David works as a fashion consultant of sorts… Man, this show was great!

The “moving” covers are amazing as well – showing David’s transformation to the Hulk.

Season 3 isn’t as full of memorable episodes – but still a great collection.  A bit sparse on any special features.  There are what they call “sneak peeks” on the upcoming movie – but they just feel like a long comercial.  The better features are on season 4 with a look at Lou Ferigno as the actor.  Can’t wait for the 5th and final season probably being released around the time the movie makes it to DVD.

season 4