Tales to Astonish #62 (1964)

This really poor copy of TTA was sitting in my LCS.  This is the origin of the Leader.  Man, what a great series the first TTA was.  Filled with Humanoids – on trains, on islands, a huge humanoid that threatens the army and the Hulk stops them all!  The Leader was supposed to be brilliant but allContinue reading “Tales to Astonish #62 (1964)”

Hulk Walkie Talkies 2 (2008)

Another set of walkie talkies?  Yes, another set – these work a little bit better than the other set that I have.  You can actually hear the person when a foot away from each other.  That’s all I wanted – just to play with toys the way they were intended!  That can’t be too muchContinue reading “Hulk Walkie Talkies 2 (2008)”