Daily Archives: June 9, 2008

Marvel Select Red Hulk Exclusive!

exclusive red hulk

The Big Bad Toy Store is offering an exclusive of the upcoming Marvel Select Hulk figure – with a new head mold and a new Hulk color!  Click on the image to be directed to the toy site!  Out in Sept.  Hey!  What happened to March?

Ummm… Part 17


I’m not sure who would think something like this up – but they have serious mental issues…

Large Regener8’rs (2008)


The took the great idea of Regener8r’s and enlarged it!  Made it absolutely huge!  This one here just has a few stickers of the Hulk – I wish they made the one that had a Huge Hulk Head on the front of the car into a larger Regener8r.  That would’ve been great!  But for now I have to settle for this one and the one that I found today at Wal*Mart (with the exclusive) which means I have located all of the exclusives!  I will be posting them shortly – until then – ONLY 4 MORE DAYS TILL THE HULK COMES OUT!  and try to stay cool.