7-Eleven Slurpee Cups and Straws (2008)

So here’s the story… my friend Corry lets me know that 7-Eleven has some exclusive items.  They aren’t as cool as the Iron Man Head cup – but I go to get them anyways.  When I enter the convenience store I see a cardboard cut-out that’s there to promote the new merchandise.  As I amContinue reading “7-Eleven Slurpee Cups and Straws (2008)”

Wal*Mart Exclusive Hulk vs. Abomination 2-Pack (2008)

It says Battle in New York – but doesn’t it look more like they are slapping 5?  Or is Abomination calling the Hulk the winner?  He’s holding his hand up like a champ!  And why are they staring at each other like that?  It looks like the end of Rocky – not a battle inContinue reading “Wal*Mart Exclusive Hulk vs. Abomination 2-Pack (2008)”