7-Eleven Slurpee Cups and Straws (2008)

3 straws

So here’s the story… my friend Corry lets me know that 7-Eleven has some exclusive items.  They aren’t as cool as the Iron Man Head cup – but I go to get them anyways.  When I enter the convenience store I see a cardboard cut-out that’s there to promote the new merchandise.  As I am purchasing the cups I figure I will ask about the cut-out since I hadn’t much luck so far acquiring New Hulk promo material.  When I ask the man behind the counter he asks “So, you are looking to buy that?”  I said no, that I was wondering about taking it when they were done with it.  He says to me “In 5 years, those are worth $5,000, $10,000.”  I was almost angry that he said this ridiculous statement.  I said “Carboard cut-outs from 7-11 aren’t worth that.”  He tried to re-assure me it was claiming that other people have inquired about it and that the person willing to pay the most for them will get it.  Disgusted I told him to forget it and walked out of the store. 


Anyone who would try to sell a cardboard cut-out promo for $5,000 is nuts.  Antone attempting to buy one for that much is even crazier.

Anyways, I did get the 3 cups and straws as well as the comic that reprints Incredible Hulk #25 which depicts one of the bloodiest, most gruesome fights between the Hulk and the Abomination.


9 responses to “7-Eleven Slurpee Cups and Straws (2008)

  1. Cool-looking cups and straws. The man behind the counter is nuts asking for that much money for the display. A friend of mine bought an Elvira display promoting her Night Brew beer for fifty dollars in the Eighties (I would have bought it if I had the cash). He ended up selling it a garage sale a few years ago for five dollars.

  2. none of that promotional stuff really retains it’s value. It’s cool to have – but not really worth anything… Look at the promo stuff from 2003 – you can find all of it for dirt cheap now.

  3. Great cover by Deodato….

  4. I’m sorry did you say RETAINS it’s value? Are you saying it has any value to begin with? Stuff like that is cool to have if you’re into the Hulk (or Elvira) but that’s where it begins and ends. Cardboard cutouts aren’t worth anything my friend.

  5. Trust me Bill – Promo stuff can sell for a pretty penny right now. and yes, RETAINS – because later it won’t be worth what some people pay for it now.

  6. I was able to get 2 of the cups today, but I couldn’t find any of the books though. They were at 7-11 too, right?

  7. Yeah – I got them all at 7-11

  8. That guy is an idiot. He just going to pocket the money anyways.

  9. I have 3 Hulk Slurpee cups. Two of them say 1 of 3 and one says 2 of 3.
    Do you want them?

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