When Monsters Meet DVD (2008)

Hulk’s 80’s cartoon was great for a few reasons – the music being one – the animation is one of them as well.  The stories – are not though…  This DVD has just one episode of the show – and 2 episodes of the Spiderman cartoon?  What’s up with that?  Give me more Hulk!  I mentionedContinue reading “When Monsters Meet DVD (2008)”

Dogs of War TPB (2005)

Peter David brought alot to the Hulk – he introduced some ideas to the mythology of the Hulk that defined the character for new generations and many generations to come.  Paul Jenkins almost burned that mythology to the ground… The idea of Banner suffering a multiple personality disorder was so out of left field andContinue reading “Dogs of War TPB (2005)”

Incredible Hulk Easy Reader (2008)

This is a starter book and a great introduction for young ones to be introduced and thrown into the Incredible Hulk world – a great jumping on point for the movie!  I found this at Stop and Shop along with a coloring activity book that had a grow a hulk figure along with it… I willContinue reading “Incredible Hulk Easy Reader (2008)”