Dogs of War TPB (2005)

dogs of war

Peter David brought alot to the Hulk – he introduced some ideas to the mythology of the Hulk that defined the character for new generations and many generations to come.  Paul Jenkins almost burned that mythology to the ground…

The idea of Banner suffering a multiple personality disorder was so out of left field and explained the different attitudes of each version of the Hulk so well – people ate it up – like butter.  And when those personalities were merged it breathed new life into title that was already being reinvented!  It kept you guessing for a time to come.

Then Hulk was restarted.  Byrne wasn’t the storyteller anyone was hoping for – and then Paul Jenkins came in for a round with the green goliath.  Jenkins seemed to have quite the story to be told in the beginning – and then he introduced thre “Devil” personality – and the cracks started to appear.  then he introduced the idea that there are thousands of Hulk personalities all trapped in Banner’s brain – and the story started to fall apart chunk by chunk.  General Ryker is a great character but I think people were waiting for him to make a big move – or for something to happen other than giving him a daughter with cancer.  Samson and Fury were very whipped, very unlike the characters we know so well, and the introduction of Lipscome was fine – except that it seemed like she took the place of the heavy-hitters Jenkins neutered.  He was helping the daughter the whole time?  It was too bad – Bruce Jones would take over the book almost a year after this story was told – and as muddled and disappointing this storyline was, I would take this over Jones run anytime. C+

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