Daily Archives: June 12, 2008

Skaar: Son of Hulk (2008)


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you know that I have been very skeptical about the idea of Skaar.  Pak was a savior in the Hulk worl when he came in to write Planet Hulk but – about his unborn son?  On the planet that blew up?

Well, I will begin by stating, it’s not bad.  Not bad at all.  It’s a very quick read – really, I think I read it in less than 5 minutes.  It’s starts with Ciera explaining that a young Shadow can run within minutes of being born.  Basically, a quick way of explaining how a zygote survived his mother being blown up.  Skaar eats all the little nasties around him and eventually links up with some rebels.  The Red Skins are still trying to re-claim the planet and are destroying anything in their path.  Axeman Bone, with his fire-breathing dragon, capture a group of rebels and burn and destroy a shadow youngling who they think is the son of Hulk.

Later, when the Reds are getting ready to cook some rebels for dinner they are suddenly attacked by a force of nature hacking, slicing, and killing every Red there.  The elder rebel smiles and says it’s time to get out of there before Axeman comes out.  But from behind them they hear his voice asking why they are in a rush.  The last panel shows Skaar soaring through the air, ready to attack Axeman, who is saying “This is going to be fun”.

This first issue definetly has me intrigued to pick up the next issue.  Let’s see how long they can keep this fire burning… B+

Power Glow Hulk (2008)


I wandered into a toy store near where I was working today – and even though I wasn’t expecting to find anything because I already have the toys out – I came across the 2ND WAVE OF TOYS!  I will start by posting the awesome Power Glow Hulk that actually lights up pretty brightly.  I found all except the other Abomination figure – but I will get it.  I also already have 4 out of the 6 BK toys – I will post them when I have acquired them all.  I was psyched to get these though – especially when I wasn’t expecting to find any of the new toys yet!  But my local shops were a complete bust.  I traveled to each of the shops near me and found them bone dry of new stuff.  Such a bummer.