Power Glow Hulk (2008)


I wandered into a toy store near where I was working today – and even though I wasn’t expecting to find anything because I already have the toys out – I came across the 2ND WAVE OF TOYS!  I will start by posting the awesome Power Glow Hulk that actually lights up pretty brightly.  I found all except the other Abomination figure – but I will get it.  I also already have 4 out of the 6 BK toys – I will post them when I have acquired them all.  I was psyched to get these though – especially when I wasn’t expecting to find any of the new toys yet!  But my local shops were a complete bust.  I traveled to each of the shops near me and found them bone dry of new stuff.  Such a bummer.


One response to “Power Glow Hulk (2008)

  1. Its wereid hulk having pink pants.(did bruce even have pink pants in the movie?)but anyway all hulk figures should come in diffrent colors,not only blue or purple.

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