Mego Metal Die Cast (1978)


I will show you one of my favorite vintage toys on the night I am going to see the Hulk.  This is one of the only vintage toys I have in the package.  And it is a beauty… the package isn’t perfect – but it is classic and so interesting.  The older packages had so much character – especially Mego.  I like the big Spider-man on the back.  The metal toys were so much better back then too.  He’s a pretty big and chunky piece of metal – and not as heavy as you’d think.


The face on the toy looks great.  One of the classic faces – baring teeth – and fists pumped ready to smash anything in his path.  The package says “Limited Collector’s Edition”  Man, I thought that phrase was coined in the 90’s – not the late 70’s.  Either way, this is one of my favorite pieces in the collection.


5 responses to “Mego Metal Die Cast (1978)

  1. i have one of these – its actually stamped “1979”. a little bit of wear on it but was wondering how much something like this is worth and whether it is uncommon. had one when i was a little kid and dropped it into the ocean in alaska. no box or anything like that. thanks,micah

  2. Hi Ratchet, I myself just found this particular ’79 Due Cast Mego Hulk but loose out of the package, but for $50 I had to have it for my collection. I found it at a collectors show in Walnut California. Anywho I really dig your collection, keep up the awesome work and take care. 🙂

  3. Update on my ’79 diecast Mego Hulk. I had it autographed by Stan Lee last Saturday at Comikaze Expo Convention in Los Angeles. 🙂

  4. Rathchet do you have a Facebook?

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