Toys “R” Us Super Hero Squad Exclusive (2008)


I think, as far as exclusives go, this might be the better one.  Because it’s not just glow-in-the-dark painted on veins like the Target Exclusive (although I do love their Marvel Legends Hulk Exclusive – it’s just a new head mold on a old body) and unlike a 2 pack of figures that are already available like the Wal*Mart exclusive this has some extras that you can’t get anywhere else. 


The little Super Hero Squad cart is what I’m talking about here.  And even though the SHS isn’t my favorite toy line – it’s still pretty cool to see.  I also like to see that you get 4 characters with this set, even though 2 of them are Hulk Buster Soldiers.


Published by ratchet

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One thought on “Toys “R” Us Super Hero Squad Exclusive (2008)

  1. This thing is cool,because first hulk has brown pants,and the abominationis kinda difrent but relly those figures r the same when they came together(including the hulkbuster soilders)but i want to get this because its has four figures and a ship.

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