Daily Archives: June 16, 2008

Hulk Weekend… Good.

I am not super enthusiastic about the Hulk’s haul this weekend making about 55 million.  It was the #1 movie – but really, I was hoping for far better numbers.  The original Hulk did better than this it’s first weekend.  Of course they promoted it a lot better last time too.  But with pretty solid reviews I’m hoping this Hulk has the legs to keep pretty steady business at least for a few weeks.  I know its tough with the Summer Blockbusters coming out one after the other…

Imean, come on, who isn’t stoked about The Dark Knight?

P.S. The photo has nothing to do with this post in general – just found a pretty funny site that I thought some might want to take a look at.  Click on the image.

Visionaries: John Byrne Volume 1 (2008)

John byrnevisionaries 

John Byrne certainly deserves some credit.  He wrote stories that people still talk about today.  Not Hulk stories mind you, but more like X-Men stories.  He did try new things with the Hulk.  He married Bruce and Betty and seperated the Hulk from Banner.  And let’s not forget his art.  He does a beautiful rendition of the Hulk.  But really, this was it for him.  He has Samson and Hulk fight for 5 issues and then handed the writing duty off to Milgrom who too the ball and carried to bringing the Grey Hulk back.  So, I guess he deserves props for that.  Good read and worth picking up.  B+