Hulk vs. The Marvel Universe (2008)

  This great compilation has a bunch of random stories where the Hulk faces off against some of the Marvel heroes.  Some of the better ones are the Daredevil #163 where Ol’ Horn head gets the ever loving stuffing beatout of him.  Also, there is the Fin Fang Foom 1-Shot, which I loved, and the TTA #’sContinue reading “Hulk vs. The Marvel Universe (2008)”

Raging Thunder 1-Shot (2008)

  So, The Thing fought this chick way back when called Thundra.  She is a leader of a tribe full of women who dominate her universe.  From time to time Thundra will go into another universe to fight the most powerful man in that world.  So, of course, this time she picks the Hulk.  SheContinue reading “Raging Thunder 1-Shot (2008)”