Raging Thunder 1-Shot (2008)

raging thunder 

So, The Thing fought this chick way back when called Thundra.  She is a leader of a tribe full of women who dominate her universe.  From time to time Thundra will go into another universe to fight the most powerful man in that world.  So, of course, this time she picks the Hulk.  She battles these other strong men to show her “dominance” to her people.  When she begins to fight the Hulk though, she realizes just how storng and powerful the Hulk is… and she tries still to defeat him, but Hulk never goes down, and somewhere within the fighting Thundra starts to admire the Hulk.  She cuts the transmission to her her own world and then attacks the Hulk – but in a different way – she starts making out with him.

I’m not sure if this 1-shot was brought out because of Father’s Day or not – but it ends with a female warrior that looks like Thundra destroying some men.  Then, when they show her fully, you see she has the Hulk’s greenish hue.  So now we have Hulk’s son Skaar on Sakkar and we have the Hulk’s daughter in another universe.  Man, Hulk’s a little slut, huh? B-

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4 thoughts on “Raging Thunder 1-Shot (2008)

  1. When Hulk impregnates females Hulk-like offspring are produced. But would happen if Banner impregnates someone – will the offspring be human or Hulkish? Are Banner’s gametes transformed when he hulks out or are they always gamma-enhanced?

  2. I think they are always gama enhanced. Banner impregnated Betty before – but Marvel didn’t let that story come to fruition. Peter David wrote a book about what would’ve happened – but I have yet to read it…

  3. I’m just rummaging through old posts…but didn’t banner impregnate someone that gave birth to Carmilla Black?(a little unsure of the spelling of the name), also as far as I understand this is a sceptical topic, but i’d like to know what issues lead to the belief that this is banners daughter.

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