Daily Archives: June 18, 2008


Looks like Lou Ferigno is selling off his Hulk collection.  One of the largest Hulk collections in the world is boxed up in his home and he feels it’s the right time to break it out and sell it.  Will it go for more than it’s worth because it once belonged to Lou?  I say yes.  People will pay ridiculous prices for a Hulk item that once belonged to the original televised Hulk!  Can’t wait to see the items that will come out though!  Click on the image for more info…

Ummm… Part 18

Whoever thought this up – bad idea.  Not a lot of people like to drink green dairy products.  “Cookies and Green”?  Yeah, much like the rest of America – I’m all set. 

Ratchet Photo #4


Hulk Buster Soldiers (2008)


One of these guys looks like Roth, obviously, but the other was one of the random soldiers that died in the movie – like the soldiers in the soda factory, of the soldiers at the field at the University or even the soldiers that went down with the helicopter at the end.  They should do a variant of these guys with blood streaming from their noses, ears, and eyes.  I’d buy it…

Well, I’d buy anything – so I guess that goes without saying…