Hulk Buster Soldiers (2008)


One of these guys looks like Roth, obviously, but the other was one of the random soldiers that died in the movie – like the soldiers in the soda factory, of the soldiers at the field at the University or even the soldiers that went down with the helicopter at the end.  They should do a variant of these guys with blood streaming from their noses, ears, and eyes.  I’d buy it…

Well, I’d buy anything – so I guess that goes without saying…

4 responses to “Hulk Buster Soldiers (2008)

  1. come on!this hulk buster action fugures are SO cool i cant wait tell the moment i get them.also how do u buy and have all this stuff?

  2. I like them! They’re are pretty sweet if you ask me. And how do I buy all this stuff? Well, you have to have some money – and a beautiful, understanding wife!

  3. hahaha you have a wery good live…

  4. This figures r roth and one of the guys from the factory.(its the only part where they put on those green visior.

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