Daily Archives: June 19, 2008

Incredible Collection!

This is the one collection that I even am amazed at!  There’s a lot of custom pieces – which are cool – but I don’t collect customs.  Check out the site and drool over the Hulky gooness!

Large Regener8’rs 2 (2008)


I like this Regener8’rs much better than the last because this one has a huge Hulk head on the top!  This is actually an exact copy of the smaller Regener8’rs I posted before.  I still think it’s a great idea to have a toy morph into a bunch of different toys – because as my friend Bill has said – when you’re with Transformers, you’re never alone!  It’s too bad though that with these toys they don’t have the character that’s on the truck on the package.  What’s up with having Spiderman’s huge mug on the front?  It almost makes me not want to buy it!

Hulk Pillow (2008)

hulk pillow

I have this to go with my awesome Hulk blanket – and pillow pal.  There are a few different blankets out there but all you really need is one Hulk blanket.  Right?  Cause that’s all I plan on having.  So, yeah, this is the pillow that goes with the blanket and stuff.