Shield Smash Hulk (2008)

While I am awaiting the release of the final figure from series 2 I do have one last Hulk figure to show you – and if you haven’t seen the Hulk movie yet, you should probably stop reading HERE. I absolutely love when they base figures from actual moments from the movie.  the Gamma Glow HulkContinue reading “Shield Smash Hulk (2008)”

Authentics Incredible Hulk #181 (2008)

While this is an interesting series, the real problem I have is when they don’t use the original art for these items.  The original art is so much better, In my opinion (which is what this blog is all about – so it fits), not to mention that they used the original art for the restContinue reading “Authentics Incredible Hulk #181 (2008)”