Daily Archives: June 21, 2008

Shield Smash Hulk (2008)

sheild smash

While I am awaiting the release of the final figure from series 2 I do have one last Hulk figure to show you – and if you haven’t seen the Hulk movie yet, you should probably stop reading HERE.

I absolutely love when they base figures from actual moments from the movie.  the Gamma Glow Hulk and Power Glow Hulk were cool – and the Mega Clap Hulk was fine as well (even though the mega clap only happened ONCE in the movie) this is great because they actually had an entire scene with the Hulk using these two little shields.  To boot it was one of the better action moments in the movie.  

Authentics Incredible Hulk #181 (2008)


While this is an interesting series, the real problem I have is when they don’t use the original art for these items.  The original art is so much better, In my opinion (which is what this blog is all about – so it fits), not to mention that they used the original art for the rest of this series’ cars.  Now, if you look, you will also see – they have messed up!  Severely!  Up in the corner it says “First appearance of Hulk”  Wait, Hulk’s first appearance in a comic called Incredible Hulk wasn’t until #181?  Who appeared in the first 180 comics then?  A clone?  Ugh… let’s not go down that road.

Amazing that this big of a mess up got through… and if you’re unsure – it’s supposed to say First Appearence of Wolverine!  And if you needed me to tell you that then you have no business being on my blog!