Shield Smash Hulk (2008)

sheild smash

While I am awaiting the release of the final figure from series 2 I do have one last Hulk figure to show you – and if you haven’t seen the Hulk movie yet, you should probably stop reading HERE.

I absolutely love when they base figures from actual moments from the movie.  the Gamma Glow Hulk and Power Glow Hulk were cool – and the Mega Clap Hulk was fine as well (even though the mega clap only happened ONCE in the movie) this is great because they actually had an entire scene with the Hulk using these two little shields.  To boot it was one of the better action moments in the movie.  

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8 thoughts on “Shield Smash Hulk (2008)

  1. I saw those…

    A little bit crazy if you ask me. I remember the good old days of that stuff being given to loyal die-hard fans – and not sold for a major profit. Especially since they were made to promote a movie and not made for resale. But, if people buy them, oh well.

  2. I love the hulk to death, but this figure…damn. Hasbro has pooped all over the marvel figure lines badly. I saw the move hulks and they are just…ugh.

  3. The sculpt and the paint are lacking – that is true – and even worse is that I think the 2003 Hulk figures were made better.

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