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People Need To Realize…

When you leave a huge Hulk statue outside of your establishment, day or night, it will not be there for long!  People LOVE to take things – and I can’t say I’m not guilty of this myself (but I won’t bore you guys with any of those stories) especially if they can get it for free!  But with all of the surveillance cameras and everything I really don’t recommend taking any of the movie standees.  It’s too bad they all showed up on ebay for $3100 each – because more people will be apt to trying to just take them, rather than pay that much for one.  Man, I’m bummed I’m not getting one of these.  Click on the pics for links to stories about disappearing Hulk all over the country…

Tales to Astonish #60 (1964)


It is widely regarded that the Hulk’s first TTA is the above, #60, but it it also known by many that the Hulk also appeared in TTA #59!  So what is the deal?  Well, the Hulk – after his comic was cancelled – was still a huge part of the comic continuity.  Hulk was actually very popular – but unsure if he could carry his own title he started co-featuring in this little rag above!  But as far as TTA #59 (which I still need to get) Hulk actually fights Giant Man.  Giant Man starred in this book until Namor took over – but it was Hulk that really sold this comic.  And starting with Hulk #102 he had that chance!  And the rest was history!  

Hulk Figurine (2005)

hulk figure

This little Hulk, and a few others out there that are like it, is a nice representation of the early savage Hulk.  There are some stats on the back including the real name as Robert Bruce Banner, 6 Foot 6 Inches and 1,040 lbs.  It also says his power is Super Human Strength.  Not exactly wowing facts – but I do like the figure.  There are a few others that are in some other poses – I think these were given with a book sold at Borders – but I am unsure.  

Hulk Figure