Tales to Astonish #60 (1964)


It is widely regarded that the Hulk’s first TTA is the above, #60, but it it also known by many that the Hulk also appeared in TTA #59!  So what is the deal?  Well, the Hulk – after his comic was cancelled – was still a huge part of the comic continuity.  Hulk was actually very popular – but unsure if he could carry his own title he started co-featuring in this little rag above!  But as far as TTA #59 (which I still need to get) Hulk actually fights Giant Man.  Giant Man starred in this book until Namor took over – but it was Hulk that really sold this comic.  And starting with Hulk #102 he had that chance!  And the rest was history!  

One response to “Tales to Astonish #60 (1964)

  1. I have this issue too, one of my earliest Hulks, also FF #25. Couldnt possibly be happier with it unless it was slabbed above a 9 that is… think I only paid around 25 bucks for my copy, which I thought was a great deal at the time, which was 15+ years ago….Still searching for a decent and affordable copy of FF #12 though….Ah well Nuff said !!

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