Daily Archives: June 24, 2008

Incredible Hulk Utility Belt (1979)


What more would you need to become the Hulk?  This has it all!  An Incredible Hulk voice modulator!  And this little belt that fits snuggly around you waist – the plastic must be so comfortable!  It also comes with Hulk wrist bands!  Wait, wrist bands?  The Hulk doesn’t need wrist bands!  He’s not Wonder Woman!  That’s just ridiculous!  Also, a Gamma Radiation Detector is supplied.  Remco released 2 versions of these here – I’m still looking for the other one – but this is a great specimen – complete in the original box!  Remco also made a Spiderman Utility Belt in 1979.

Lou Ferigno Custom Figure!

I really am impressed with some of the custom Hulk figures I see.  Some I’m not so impressed with – but I’d rather not mention those and turn this blog into an ugly bashing blog.  I usually don’t bother even looking at customs – I don’t buy them because they go for so much money and I prefer commercially sold items.  Customs are very inventive indeed – and I would never put customs down – I’m just not into them.  But this custom impressed me enough to show you.  Click on the image and you will see just how much it is going for…

UPDATE: This figure went for a whopping $590!  Almost $600 – and in pesos that’s like a billion-gillion dollars!

Hulk Bobble Head (2008)

hulkbobbleon dash

This toy is, as you can tell, sitting on my dashboard.  I bought it when I went into Newbury Comics and they had nothing else Hulk in the whole shop – so, you see, I had to buy it!  I think it fits really well on my dasboard.  This is called a Wacky Wobbler and made by Funko it is supposed to represent the Movie Hulk.  I think it looks pretty good and like how the movie Hulk was very similar to what you see in the comics.  I personally like a lighter shade of green – and they have a Comic-Con Exclusive that is more of the neon green – but I don’t think I will be getting that one.  Of course, if you read this blog regularly, then you will know that I said I wasn’t going to buy this toy either! 

Man, I lie like a dog, Huh?  I seriously have NO willpower when it comes to Hulk merchandise!