Incredible Hulk Utility Belt (1979)


What more would you need to become the Hulk?  This has it all!  An Incredible Hulk voice modulator!  And this little belt that fits snuggly around you waist – the plastic must be so comfortable!  It also comes with Hulk wrist bands!  Wait, wrist bands?  The Hulk doesn’t need wrist bands!  He’s not Wonder Woman!  That’s just ridiculous!  Also, a Gamma Radiation Detector is supplied.  Remco released 2 versions of these here – I’m still looking for the other one – but this is a great specimen – complete in the original box!  Remco also made a Spiderman Utility Belt in 1979.

One response to “Incredible Hulk Utility Belt (1979)

  1. Wow!If there was a 79 hulk costume it would be sooo cool!

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