Daily Archives: June 25, 2008

This is… Actually, It’s Kind of Gross.

As cool of an idea as Marvel Zombies is – it would still be a bit disturbing to own something this graphic.  Still, you have to give props to the creator for making it so… detailed!  Click on the image for the link to the ebay auction…

Hulk Shirt 18 (2008)


I’m posting this (the last shirt I posted was way back in November!) but this isn’t even the cooler one I bought!  I thought I’d show you this one first and then dazzle you with the other one I bought tomorrow.  I bought this shirt because I thought it wasn’t too tacky to wear and still shows the movie Hulk.  I bought this at a great comic shop I found in Framingham, MA called Bedrock Comics.  I think, I didn’t ask but with my keen powers of observation I was able to deduce, that next to the comic shop is a candy store owned by the Comic owner’s wife.  Check out Bedrock Comics for some friendly service.

Incredible Hulk Movie Book (2008)


This is not the easy reader one – and not the adult adaptation – it is the one that is right in the middle.  I think it’s the perfect thing to give to kids that you are trying to give an appreciation for books.  I found this at Toys R Us in Dartmouth – which is strange becasue I haven’t found it anywhere else!  I do have EVERY adaptation of the movie now – which is awesome – or sad, whichever way you want to look at it!