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Hulk #4 (2008) – The Review

Red Hulk Cover #4

This has the… oh, sorry – if you plan on reading this comic and don’t want to knowabout it yet, DON’T READ THIS REVIEW, it has spoilers – anyways, this has the much awaited Hulk vs. Hulk.  It starts with the Red Hulk sucker punching the Watcher, really for no reason.  Kind of a cheesy moment but I know of a few people who thought that was “AWESOME” – I don’t get it.  Dude, he watches, that’s all.  Is there any reason to beat on him?  But then the Green Hulk starts to battle the Red.  At first the Green Hulk is really giving the Red Hulk a good fight, then the Red Hulk breaks the Green Hulks arm and puts him in a sleeper hold, knocking him out.  Then we join Iron Man where he is being told that the body of Clay Quatermain is found.  Commander Hill also finds the ripped uniform of Doc Samson – covered in Gamma Radiation.  We rejoin the Red Hulk on the Golden Gate Bridge (at least it looks like the Golden Gatre Bridge) where the Red Hulk is telling the Hulk he is about to shoot him and kill him – but the Green Hulk bites the end of the gun and ruins that play.  They fight just a bit more before the Red Hulk knocks the Green off the bridge – or more THROUGH the bridge – and the Red Hulk continues to brag until he is interrupted by Thor.

So it is definetly the Savage Hulk that the Red Hulk is fighting.  I don’t know why he is the stupid Hulk again – wish Loeb would explain that – but I think it is working against the story.  When the Red Hulk beats him you feel like he just beat up a retarded boy.  No one wants to see that.  Well, most people don’t want to see that.  They are setting the Red Hulk up to be the strongest being that has ever entered the Marvel Universe.  Stronger than the Green Savage Hulk.  And meaner too.  He is obviously the enemy and hasn’t done anything that might even be considered heroic.  It seems that the Red Hulk is NOT Leonard Samson – otherwise Loeb wouldn’t be shoving that idea down our throats.  It will be a shock, someone no one has thought of and it will come out of left field.  Still waiting for something really worthwhile to happen.  Not just shocking for no other reason other than to be shocking (See: knocking out the Watcher).  I’m with it for the long haul – but I hope the Red Hulk isn’t just another thing that Marvel will have to apologize to fans for (See: Ben Rielly from the Clone Saga)  McGuiness’ art is still good, just fun – nothing awe-inspiring though.  B-

Hulk #4 Cover Green Hulk