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Ummm… Part 19

Why must we see Hulk bodies with little animal heads?  That’s just plain creepy.  And somewhat confusing.  I also have no idea why the kitty-Hulk is holding the President in his hand.  Looks like the President made the wrong person mad… well, actually, he kind of did!

Ratchet Photo #5


Kirby Hulk Shirt (Hulk Shirt 19)(2008)

Kirby Hulk shirt

I bought this at the same time as I bought the Movie Hulk shirt at Bedrock Comics in Framingham.  I love this shirt and have already worn it twice.  I wore it to a cookout last Saturday where we had a fire pit and I went home smelling of fire smoke (the best smell ever).  My shirt still smells like that smoke and I love it!  What a classic image to put on a shirt – when the Hulk was still a menacing creature that was so visually arresting you had no choice but to pay attention to him!  I love Kirby’s image of the Hulk so much that it’s almost a shame the Hulk’s look has changed so much over the years. 

Dynamic Forces Green Hulk Bust (2003)



I did get the Graham Cracker exclusive variant of the “Gray” bust.  This version is actually better than I thought it would be.  The color is really bright and the sculpt look appropriate for the color in both.  I think these busts are the weakest of all the busts – but still, in person, they look rather cool.  Especially if you have both and display them together. 


This is still limited to 1963 (which still makes no sense – but this one is # 1399) and why does the variant say “Gray Hulk” while this one just says “Hulk”.  I think a variant should also have a lower run.  Just my opinion – but I think it would be cooler to have both statues if they BOTH didn’t ahve a run of 1,963.  Nevermind it being the wrong number to commemerate the date of our favorite green and grey goliath!