Hulk Coloring Book (2008)

hulk coloring book movie

I like how this coloring book comes with 3 huge double tipped crayons!  What a treat!  Now you can cut them all in half and have 6 really short crayons!  And most of them being really similar in color!  This coloring bookis obviously from the movie and features a very kid-friendly fight through New York between Hulk and Abomination.  Not bad – and the likeness of Norton is awesome!  Bought at Toys R Us in Dartmouth. 

3 responses to “Hulk Coloring Book (2008)

  1. A coloring book.with bog crayons,ratchet?thats cool .i would like to get that book too!

  2. Toys R Us baby! Do you have one near you?

  3. yes i do i soo am gonna get one!

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